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Discussion Questions

It’s hard to imagine what everything was like in the beginning before sin and the
curse began. Everything was perfect, even man. He didn’t age, get sick, have bad
days or get tired. He was never anxious, fearful or had difficulty going to sleep.
Sin changed all that. But God was not surprised; He was ready. How was He
As time went along, the evil in man’s heart increased. By Genesis Six, the Bible
tells us that the Lord saw how wicked man had become and that every intention
of his heart was on evil all the time. So, by the time Christ came to the earth,
emptying Himself and taking on our humanity was an amazing act of love. In the
fourth century, Athanasius said, “He became what we are so that He might make
us what He is.” What do you think was the hardest part of being incarnate?
Because of his selfless act, Philippians teaches us that “God has highly exalted him
and given him the name that is above every name.”
With everything that’s been going on over the last few weeks, what seems to be
on your mine the most?
Whenever you get fixated on something, it has preeminence. So, when Christ
should be preeminent in our thinking, many have let things like fear, worry and
negativity bump Him to the sideline.
Write down your concerns.

Join hands with whoever you have with you and pray the Name of Jesus over
everything listed in your concerns.

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