Center Bethel is beginning a new way to give Tithes and Offerings through the TITHE.LY App. Below are instructions on how to set up the App.


Tithe.ly Login Page

Download the TITHE.LY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Create an Account

Create an account by filling out all the required information.



After filling out all the required fields, you will get a message stating that your account was created successfully. Click OK.


Center Bethel Page

Now make sure Center Bethel is selected as the church you want to give to. You may have to search for it. The click “Give Now”.

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Give now page

You will then be presented with the give screen. From here you will be able to input your credit or debit card information or even you bank information. After setting up your payment method, you can select where you want to give to. It can be the General Fund, Tithe, Missions, or some other special event. Input the amount you wish to give. Tithe.ly does charge a small fee (1% to 3%) for using this service, but you have the option to cover these fees by clicking on the "Cover Fees" box if you wish. You can set up recurring giving as well. To complete the transaction, simply click "Give".