Connection Group


It is our vision that everyone that attends Center Bethel be involved in a Connection Group. In a growing church, it is hard to develop deep relationships.

Connection Groups are a way to make meaningful connections with others traveling the same life journey. Through conversation, prayer, group discussion, fun activities and serving together, deep friendships are formed in these informal home gatherings.

You can become involved in authentic community and have a place you feel you belong.

As a group you will reach out into your community and serve others. This will fulfill part of the Lord’s will for your life and promises to bring personal satisfaction. 

Being involved in group discussions revolving around real life issues and hearing how others are successfully applying God’s Word practically into their lives is a valuable resource.

Feel free to speak to one of the team leaders, directly, or contact the church office to get connected with one of our many groups

Terry & Peggy Weidert/Joe & Ginny Wommack

967 26000 Rd, Parsons
2nd Sunday @ 5:00 pm

Josh & Amber Klonowski/Albert & Connie Wilson

Center Bethel Church
1st & 3rd Sunday @ 5:00 pm

Derrick & Candace Longan/Terry & Kim McMunn

Center Bethel Church
2nd Sunday @ 6:30 pm

David & Marla Rakes/David & JetTina Richardson

1570 16000 Rd, Altamont
1st Monday @ 6:30 pm

Randy & Pam Blackwell / Lowell & Patti Scott

Center Bethel Church
2nd Monday @ 7:00 pm

Jordan & Edie Day

1122 15000 Rd, Altamont
2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Men's Bible Study

CB North (1706 S. 21st Parsons)
Every Saturday - 7:00 - 8:00 AM

The UNIT - Bible Study

2712 Corning, Parsons
1st & 3rd Sunday - 5:00 pm